Financial Planning Services for Retirement

We Plan for tomorrow, today with our personalised and comprehensive approach.   

01. We Plan

We help you plan for independent living, exploring your lifestyle and living options in retirement.  Our services ensure you are organised, removing the worry from: 

  • Home care fees and charges
  • Options with the family home
  • Community/retirement living
  • Granny flat arrangements
  • Alternative care arrangements
  • Reverse mortgage/equity release
  • Pensions Loan Scheme
  • Downsizing

02. We Invest

We provide financial planning advice, helping you to structure your income and assets, ensuring your savings last, and giving you peace of mind:

  • Cash Flow and Projections
  • Maximising Centrelink entitlements
  • Funding Home Care/Aged Care
  • Superannuation and Income Streams
  • Foreign Pensions Schemes
  • Estate Planning
  • Managed Investments
  • Debt Reduction

03. We Care

We help you understand if your chosen facility is affordable, and the best way to fund your care, minimising the impact 
on your income and assets:

  • Explain RADs, DAPs, DACs and RACs
  • Discuss all options available to you
  • Receive the best care you can afford
  • Maximise your estate assets
  • Minimise the fees you pay for care
  • Ensure you have the cash flow to fund care
  • Deal with all the paperwork (no more Centrelink queues!)

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